Art and Food Go Hand in Hand

Originally posted April 24, 2016

This past Sunday, I took a trip to our new indoor farmer’s market in Eason, PA {Easton Public Market}. I’ve seen a few indoor markets in my day (Reading Terminal Market in Philly, La Boqueria in Barcelona and of course, sad to say, the markets via my television which have shown me worlds I have yet to visit in person). With these experiences in mind, I was beyond blown away and so happy that this little gem exists so close and conveniently to my home! The layout, the vibrant colors, the aromas all make for the best kind of livable, breathable art.

Scratch (shown above) offers bread, beer, and pizza. Grab a glass and walk around the mart or sit at their bar and enjoy the active environment behind the counter as the crew makes fresh pizzas! 

Walking through the market you really feel alive and part of the community. Everyone seems happier, more patient, and healthy. OK! This is a far stretch I’m sure but I was wearing rose colored glasses for my first trip.

3rd & Ferry Fresh Fish offers up fresh fish at your fingertips. You can watch as they fillet your fish right behind the counter. Their restaurant is also located right around the corner from the market so if you head over on a Sunday, make sure to stop by and take advantage of {$} buck a shuck oysters {$} while they’re still here before the summer months. 

Cheese? Meats? Macarons? It’s all here for you! Visit the counters, ask for samples, talk with the farmers!

Dundore and Heister, local butchers from Berk’s County, specialize in whole butchery, never leaving any waste of the animal. Olive With a Twist, provides cheeses from local dairy farmers. Chocodiem has an assortment of amazing macarons. Honey lavender??! Look at the colors. 

 I realize the next stream of photos might seem excessive but my obsession for ramen and all things noodles run deep. This was by far, the highlight of my trip… Mister Lee’s Noodles.

On the way out, I managed to snap a few more pictures around town just to capture the vibe in Easton. I hope everyone can find time to take a look around and find art living and breathing in just about every location, big or small.

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